Tips on How to Fix Storm Door Problems - Many people become attached to their particular storm door because it goes with the exterior décor of the house. There are about three major storm door problems. They are fixable without replacing the whole door.

The biggest problem with storm doors is when they catch in the wind due to a defective or poorly operating stopper. The most important part of the storm door is its latch.

If the door does not latch properly, it can blow open suddenly and slam causing the window to break. A storm door window is expensive to fix because how it is put together. You would have to take it to a retail glass store.

Storm door latches are relatively inexpensive and come complete with all hardware. The latch is usually held by two machined screws which when removed allows the latch to split apart on each side of the door.

Observe how it comes apart and install the replacement latch in reverse. The catch, which is the piece attached on the side of the door frame should extend out from the frame enough to adequately seat the latch. The catch assembly usually comes with spacers. Sometimes if properly oriented, the old catch will work.

The angled guide holes on the catch and spacers allow you to set the catch both vertically and front to back. Initially set the catch so the holding screws are mid range, with the door completely closed and latch in the vertical center of the catch. This will allow you to adjust the latch so you have a firm close. It is trial and error.

If you must replace the stopper, make certain that the four stopper bracket screws on the frame of the door are tight. If they are the least bit loose, you will eventually damage the door frame, and strip out the screws because of rocking motion from the stopper shaft every time the door opens and closes.

If you are continuously bending the stopper shaft arm from the wind catching the door, install a safety stop chain at the top of the frame and the door. This will limit how far the door can swing in the wind. Some wind side doors are a problem.

If the door is closing well but has a large gap on the latch side or top, remove the screws holding the frames and reorient them to close the gap. If the door is cocked itself, and catching, adjust the hinge frame accordingly. Some hinge frames also have side support screws and these could have come loose.

If you still have an air gap, you can find a front mounting sweep that will seal the storm door in its closed position. Mount the sweep in the closed-door position for maximum seal. If you have a good seal on your storm door, you might notice increased resistance with your entry door opening and closing. This is


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